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Selling & Servicing the leading brands for your laboratory! Over 30 of the leading brands in the Life Sciences & Analytical chemistry fields.

High level Laboratory Equipment: The Core of your research

High-level laboratory instruments & equipment are the core- the heart of your research operations. Ormir offers a full line of top quality lab equipment for all life sciences & chemistry purposes for various applications. We are offering a very wide range of equipment for your lab from pipette hoods , autoclaves all of them from state-of-the-art suppliers – mainly from Germany and the US-We are offering only the best quality materials to equip your laboratory with top service level to back it up. Top quality products will assure accurate & reliable results for years to come with minimum service. Ormir is representing over 30 of the leading suppliers- each one in his own field.Come and join our success and be part of our thousands of Ormir's happy customers.


We offer a wide range of quality laboratory equipment, from big to small and from the most sophisticated to the simplest to cover your needs. With us you can confidently equip your laboratory with reliable instruments and excellent service.

Autoclaves by Systec Germany

Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinets

Glacier NU-9668 Upright Large Capacity -86°C ULT Freezer

CO2 Shaker for CO2 Incubator by Edmund Buhler Germany

Rotary Evaporator RC900 By KNF Germany

NU5810 Direct Heat CO2 Incu. with Dual Sterilization Cycles

HALO SMART Air Quality by Erlab

Unipol L 1000 By Schmidt-Haensch