Kodan Medicam is one of the leading medical supply companies in Israel. Leading the company is a purchasing department with more than 30 years of experience in purchasing and logistics
blood pressure gauges, laryngoscopes, EKG machines including supplemental supplies and additional diagnostic products
wide range of catheters, drainage and collection devices for both single and multiple use
Wound dressing
elastic bandages, gauze dressings, large range of band aides, products for splinting and various sterile wound dressings
Copper wound dressings
a new and exclusive innovation in the treatment of severe wounds with bandages which contain oxygenated micro particles of copper
Laboratory equipment
wide range of products exclusive to Kodan supplied from the leading world suppliers in the field of health sciences and bio-chemistry
enteral feeding bags, feeding tubes and nutrition pumps
Absorbent products
Adult diapers and pads in various levels of absorption, single use body wipes, cleaning sponges and disposable mattress pads
products for various surgical procedures in addition to products for pre and post-surgery
Respiratory and anesthetization
oxygen masks, manual resuscitators, oxygen masks, Oxygen Generators and Tracheal intubation
Large range of pre-packaged surgical kits for various surgical procedures
Infusion and Injection
Large range of IV lines, syringes and needles
Infection protection
surgical gowns, hats, masks and gloves
Kodan Medicam is an environmentally friendly company and encourages use of multiple use products and biodegradable products and supports our local community via employment of special needs adults and purchases gifts for staff and customers from non-profit businesses, artists who are disabled and local businesses. Our vision, first and foremost, is promoting customer service together with professionalism, product quality and innovation

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